Readable logging service for your app

Send important log and track key events


Logcamp helps monitor web applications

Track Anything

Aggregate any kind of logs (error logging, payments, customer support...) in one place. Easy to read, easy to understand.


Search logs for specific events or determine trends. Save frequent searches for later use.

Share Access

Invite team members so everyone can find answers and verify that situation is under control.

Unlimited Projects

Logcamp is your central repository for all your projects. Separate logs per projects and delegate access.

Your own feed

Visualize and categorize events

Determine status for each event. We will colour-code status for quick eye scanning but you can set status to anything in any language that you want.

Send any type of event, not just exceptions or appliction errors. We see Logcamp as the central place for all your apps with easy access, no need to dig into servers.

For example, you clients base may use different devices and systems (e-commerce website, POS system, a mobile application...). With Logcamp you can aggregate clients activity and view their complete history.

Save custom search

Create unlimited custom searches for easy access. Our full-text search engine is quite powerful and will index core data along with any metadata you attach.

Here are a few examples of custom searches:

  • Search by severity based on status
  • Full event history by client or user
  • Log generated by features
  • Payment log
  • Team-oriented activity log (customer support, ops...)
Powerful search
Your own feed

Flexible and powerful metadata

Attach custom data to every events. You decide what to send.

We use a key value system, giving you flexibilty and a great way to organize custom data.

Of course, metadata is available for searching from within Logcamp so you can be sure to find it later.

Decide when to get notified

Some activity requires immediate remediation, for these cases you may want to set an alert.

All members will receive an email notification immediately.

By the way, feel free to add as many team members as you wish per application. This way everyone will remain on top and it lets you scope access per application.

Powerful search

Getting Started