1. The very first step is to sign up and create a new application. In return, you will receive a unique token identifying your project
  2. Install the logcamp gem in your project
    gem 'logcamp'
    bundle install
  3. In your project, initialize your application with the token created
    Logcamp.token = 'application_token'
  4. Fire events from your project
      status: 'success',
      message: 'Reminder sent to finances group',
      alert: true,
      metadata: {
        key1: value1,
        key2: value2


Field Type Details
Status String Required. Status is meant to prioritize events.
Message Text Required. Use it to describe event.
Alert Boolean Default to false. It triggers an email notification if set to true
Date Datetime (Tue, 06 Jan 2015 00:00:00 UTC +00:00) Default to current date and time (UTC). Use it for data from the past.
Metadata Array Array of Key, Value pairs. Optional. Send anything, use it to provide context or any additional information about order, user, achievement...